Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beginning Canoe Guide Review

Hello Pennsylvania paddlers. I am the canoe one, Bill McNaull, and my claim is that I am the first person to complete all 8044.6 miles of the states canoeable waterways.  In 2005 I published a book "My Travels by Canoe". It is available at Xlibris in Philadelphia, or Amazon.    
A word of advice to anyone who is not a professional writer. Cap it at 300 pages. That sells for around 19.95. I am long winded, so to tell about 33 years of paddling took 514 pages, so its pricy. Believe it or not, that was condensed!
I formally completed what I thought was all creeks by April of 2000. (see Phila. Inquirer article of April 19th, 2000) It took two more years to fret out the last little places that I had been informed of or what stream map scrutiny revealed.
In 2010, I was checking on the contents of the "Canoeing Guide to Western Pennsylvania and Northern West Virginia", which was about to publish a new eddition. At the same time I reviewed the American Whitewater Association listings. Good Lord! There are 17 new claimed creeks a minimum of three miles long that I have not done.
I am not writing another book. The more that I thought about it, a blog seemed like the best way to release what goes through a small creek explorers mind regarding seeking out, accessing, and the doing of the thing. Most blogs are about exotic trips or racing, but this one is in your PA backyard.
I expect to put enough details into this so that anyone who would like to take a weekend ride can checkout my accessments. I welcome your thoughts, hope to answer your questions, and herewith is my e-mail. incase you wish to communicate further.
I expect to post every Monday night by 9:00 PM. This blog should run its course in six or seven months, at which point it will be terminated as I put my paddle in retirement. I do not intend to become a guru to canoesport. -Bill

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